What is UFC?

Unite for Change is a national movement aimed at empowering each citizen to take back Jamaica from the clutches of criminal elements.

The Unite for Change movement has been introduced to rekindle hope among Jamaicans and convince law-abiding citizens that they are not helpless, but can overcome the fear that has immobilized them, by working together as a united front against crime.

One of the new tools of empowerment against crime, which the Ministry of National Security is to make available to each Jamaican, is a specially designed mobile phone application (App.) that can be accessed on all Android Compatible Devices - free of cost by requesting the App. through the Unite for Change site.

This App. will offer the user the opportunity to use the iReport, Panic Mode, The Law, or Alerts menu to report incidents of crime, seek assistance from the police, be informed about their rights or receive security alerts.

Unite for Change is part of a three-pronged approach which the Ministry of National Security has introduced to deal with the crime epidemic, which is predicated on – first - interrupting the transmission of crime and violence by isolating instances of the ‘infection’ through a crime control programme, such as Operation Resilience.

The second prong is preventing the future spread of crime by improving the capacity of the security forces to respond quickly and effectively by improving the forensics unit; upgrading the vehicles and mobile centres, as well as instituting legislative reforms to bring about efficiency in the justice system.

The third part of the strategy is to re-normalise the society towards anti-crime behaviour using re-socialisation programmes to displace dysfunctional elements in our society and establish new norms.